About Quest Foundation

Mission Statement
Environmental Education and Preservation Through The Arts and Sciences

Quest Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 publicly funded organization established in 1971. Our environmental education efforts, through a union of the arts and sciences, have been used to help champion the preservation of millions of acres of wilderness. Four decades of conservation successes help insure the future protection of some of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems. From our inception our focus has been to champion the cause of sound environmental practices and defense.

Partnerships are critical to maintain broad base communication, support and success in the environmental arts and science arena. We have maintained close partnerships with leading conservation groups, schools, universities, environmental foundations, artists, corporations, and governmental units on a local, state and international level. We provide conservation media, educational tools and services to these types of institutions and organizations. Such products can not be obtained from other sources.

The Challenge
We are now living with such terms as “critical habitat” and “caring capacity”. These terms not only apply to an understanding of our internal ecosystem but how we connect in a sustainable way to the living planet with its interrelated ecosystems. Through the alliance that is Quest’s trademark, arts and sciences, humanity can begin to understand the importance of the earth’s interrelated systems and the significance of “sustainable consumption”. Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom and Quest Board Member describes “sustainable consumption” as the “ability of any single species or group of species to live healthy and multiply within its own habitat.” The challenge is to use this current window of opportunity where the public’s focus is on “green” and the “environment” and move forward swiftly in those areas where we can have the greatest impact.

The Quest Foundation has excelled in our ability to leverage limited funding for the greatest possible outcome. Through our skilled staff and network of volunteer professionals and board members we have produced high quality and timely products and programs over our near forty year history.

Our General Administrative support consists of three staff: Our executive director, our assistant director /project manager, and our communications director…along with a wide variety of ongoing volunteer support.  This unusual blending of staff skills allows us to produce a large amount of work/product and to tackle projects typically demanding much larger budgets and staffing teams.

Overview Statement
“The collective biological consciousness and wisdom of nature has taken billions of years to create the magnificent planet earth. The resulting vast aggregation of species makes our planet very unique and one of a kind. As observed from outer space our interrelated ecosystems are a singular art form; a design consisting of massive river and environmental patterns flowing through cathedrals of green rainforest biomass contrasted by the arid bioregions. These mosaic designs are replicated in an infinite number of similar patterns in every tree, leaf, mineral and creature. The bioregions are living art and music forms sharing with us the beauty of nature” – James Valentine