About Quest Foundation

Mission Statement
Nature Preservation and Environmental Education Through the Arts and Sciences

Quest Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 publicly funded organization established in 1971.

Conservation Goals
Our goal for over four decades has been to help save millions of critical ecosystem acreage from Alaska to the Amazon but primarily in the Southeastern United States. We have done this through applied science based research and fine art photographic still and video documentation.

Scientific Based Documentary Research
Our scientific based documentary research is specialized in that we first engage with noted environmental scientists / educators / foresters / writers / ecologists / biologists / photographers to research to examine the most critical ecosystem habitats in a particular, county, state(s) and/or bioregion that needs documentation. Our documentary method is the utilization of State of the Art (old and current) small, medium and large format still, audio and specialized video equipment.

Educational Products / Partners & Collaborative Activities
Our Educational Products are ecological based books, exhibits, publications and documentaries. They illustrate mountain, piedmont, coastal plain, estuaries, barrier islands, tropical, desert and open ocean habitats that are critical for the continuum of mega biodiversity. We have been pioneers in the field of combining the sciences and the arts starting in the early seventies showcasing a major innovative exhibit to protect the coast of Georgia.

Our publications and documentaries have expanded the public understanding that healthy ecosystems offer the cleanest drinking water, pristine air and a continuum of other ecological services, including unique habitats supporting rare biodiversity that will help insure the survival not only of the associated ecosystems but also for the continuum of a healthy human society.

Quest Foundation has partnered in collaborative activities with some of the leading land preservation / protection programs and their associated institutions and governmental units in the United States to help meet their mission. We partner with state and federal park systems, state and federal wildlife agencies, noted gardens and environmental organizations.

Our nature preservation goal has been achieved by developing powerful educational tools regarding scientific and art based books, exhibits and documentaries regarding how we are linked to the natural world for our own survival.

The Quest Foundation has excelled in our ability to leverage funding for the greatest possible outcome. Through our professional staff and network of volunteer professionals we have produced high quality and timely products and programs.