Arts and Ecology in The Americas

Connecting Environmental Arts, Sciences & Music In the Americas


General Development
The Arts and Ecology in the Americas program primary objective is to research, identify and support leading conservation artists/artisans, environmental educators and musicians from Alaska to the Amazon and across the Americas.

We are seeking support to continue developing this one of a kind program bringing together leaders in each of the creative fields that are collectively and individually able to play a major role in the understanding of biodiversity and conservation of “critical habitat” areas in the Americas. We are connecting environmental artists throughout the Americas by engaging/linking them and their collective creative energy to capture the ecology and unique wilderness of critical as well as unspoiled habitats. Long range planning includes dialogue with artists throughout the Americas and developing programs that supports conservation via the arts, music and the sciences.

Our Arts & Ecology in the Americas shows and exhibits have been coordinated with The Nature Conservancy, Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science and the 8th World Wilderness Congress.

International Biodiversity Conservation Photographic Archive Development

The organization and archiving of fine art images into a permanent collection for conservation and cultural usage: Inventory & Cataloging, Reproduction Scanning, Appraisal and Development.

Appalachian Mountains and North Carolina Collection for the: Wilson Library – UNC at Chapel Hill, NC