Islands In The Sky

Islands in the Sky
Book & Documentary Development


Executive Director – Biologist: D. Bruce Means, Ph.D. / Coastal Plains Institute
Photographer / Filmmaker – Producer / Director:  James Valentine / Quest Foundation
Historian / Consultant: John A. Bradley / EcoSystems, Inc.
Documentary Production Coordinator: Lee Berger / Lee Berger Productions
Documentary Film and Tabletop Book Depicting A Remote Rainforest Theme

The fabulous Guiana Shield and its towering tepuis is one of the world’s few remaining biodiversity hotspots that is not only remote but one that is also vanishing under our eyes. Its amazing tropical animals and plants are specially adapted to this region and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

With the onset of climate change, logging and mining, the clock for this wilderness and its unique life forms is running out. Our film and book will bring the tepuis and their high biological value to the attention of the world for support of its protection and further scientific study. For over twenty-five years our team has conducted critical scientific research in the region and has filmed wilderness areas that are unknown to the world.

We will reveal the evolutionary story of the region through bio-acoustical recordings, large format landscape photography, wildlife images illustrating many new species to science and high definition video that will help answer the fundamental questions about “The Lost World.”  The film and book will address how life forms evolved in this location and why it is important for humanity to know now.  Attention will be given to the well being of the Amerindians of the region and sustainability issues.

The development of a coffee table book and HD documentary are nearing completion. It is planned that the documentary will be shown to a national and international audience. This first-of-its-kind publication will be a much-needed tool for the international conservation community.