Wisdom of the Ancient Forests Documentary

Wisdom of the Ancient Forests
Alaska’s Temperate Rainforest


Producer/Director/Filmmaker: James Valentine
Producer/Director/Filmmaker: Jeremy Williams
Host: Jim Fowler – Spokesperson For The Natural World

The documentary being developed explores the incomparable rainforest and marine life of the Tongass National Forest region along Alaska’s inside passage.  It will reveal the ecological wisdom learned from the ancient forest.  We will present observations by scientists and conservation spokespeople who understand that wisdom.  We will witness how the Tlinget and Haida native peoples revere and celebrate the land through their traditions, carvings, dance and ancient connection with the land that they have lived on and cared for over 10,000 years.  Jim Fowler, of Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom”, will host the documentary.

This region of temperate rainforests is buttressed by glacier-clad landscapes in the heart of the Alexander Archipelago; a 500-mile strand of over 1,000 islands spanning across Southeast Alaska.  With the Tongass at its center it covers 17 million acres with forest, glaciers, rivers, fjords, and mountains.

Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest is located within a broader temperate rainforest bio-region that stretches from the coast of Northern California north beyond Glacier Bay and extending into Prince William Sound and Kodiak Island.

The documentary focuses on the Tongass National Forest, which is three times as large as any other in America, and is part of the world’s largest remaining temperate rainforest.  It borders Canada to the East and is endowed with some of the most rugged peaks on the globe. This area is home to one of the planet’s healthiest fishing industries. The Tongass is a globally bio-diverse region; residence to rare, unique plant and animal life with a great abundance of marine mammals and predators.

The documentary will foremost celebrate the love and spirit of the Tongass through the forest and its incredible wildlife. We will hear from leading scientists, conservation spokespeople and honor the native peoples who have walked the land for tens of thousands of years.
This documentary will be broadcast to a national and international audience as well as be made available to communities and educational facilities for showing. The documentary will also be a part of the QUEST Foundation Arts and Ecology projects(s).

Two years of production have already gone into the project.  We are seeking completion funding to benefit the project in the final post-production stage of the 1 hour documentary that provides awareness and solutions for the conservation of Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest.