Donations Partnership & Project Support

The Quest Foundation has multiple opportunities for partnership and project support. The projects in this document are presently underway and in need of ongoing support. A pledge of partnership and/or donation will help move a project to the next phase and/or fruition.

Option Amounts

Resource Partner

A pledge to assist the foundation with identifying new partners and resources – to help promote Quest Foundation projects, and to offer other available resources, including other in-kind support.

Project Partner

Southern Appalachian Celebration – Master Works Ancient Forest Collection – Exhibit

We need your support to finalize the development of the most definitive large scale exhibition ever to be assembled depicting the ancient forests of the Appalachian Mountains.

Florida Magnificent Wilderness – Exhibit

This landmark project has taken years to develop, on going partnership planning and is entering the implementation stage.  Funding for the next phase is necessary.

Wisdom of the Ancient Forests: Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest – Documentary

Over the past three years HD documentary footage has been collected, meetings with tribal elders have taken place, and research conducted into the status of The Tongass. We are now ready to finalize our filming and post-production work.

Islands in the Sky – Lost Worlds of El Dorado – Book & Documentary

This phenomenal scientific / educational endeavor has taken extensive time and manpower. The isolation and inherent danger of losing one of the most biologically diverse and extensive tropical rainforests on this planet makes this a very important project to bring into fruition! Numerous new species have been discovered and lands photographed that have never been visited. The project is in need of resources to move into the final stage of completion.

Check the project that most excites you!  You may donate resources or funds to the project in the amount that is most workable for you. Please share your contact information and we will begin our partnership!

For additional information contact us at:

Contact: Jim Valentine
P.O. Box 3575 | Tallahassee FL 32315