Quest Foundation Successes

Quest Foundation has generated countless arts/ecology/science projects.

At any time, Quest Foundation is involved with a number of undertakings; each designed to raise awareness and help develop solutions to present and emergent concerns.   The following list is a brief overview of partners, publications and past projects.

Ongoing Partners / Activities

  • Islands In The Sky – Lost Worlds of El Dorado – Documentary / Book development and research in the Tepui Mountains of the Ancient Guyana Shield.  Partner: The Explorers Club
  • Wisdom of the Ancient Forest – Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest. Partner: McIntosh Foundation
  • The Nature Conservancy:  Conservation exhibits, presentations and images to illustrate publications. Photographic surveys of endangered lands.
  • The Audubon Society: Conservation articles for the Audubon Magazine and environmental consulting.

Books / Videos / Publications

    • Guale: The Golden Coast of Georgia – Friends of the Earth
    • Southern Light – Oxmoor House
    • Florida: Images of the Landscape – Westcliffe Publishers
    • North Carolina, Editions I & II and Georgia – Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company
    • Guale: The Sacred Landscape – Peachtree Publishers, Ltd.
    • Jim Fowler’s Life In The Wild – Television segment development and consultant.
    • Corridors of Life – Northwest Florida Water Management District – Video and environmental poster series
    • Florida Magnificent Wilderness: State Lands / Parks / Natural Areas – Book & exhibition
    • Southern Appalachian Celebration – University of North Carolina Press

Regional & International Projects

  • The Wild Foundation – 8th World Wilderness Congress:  Closing Feature Event For The Congress:  A wrap-around fully orchestrated custom environmental sound tracks slide show and talk featuring the: Arts and Conservation In The Americas program artists.
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection:  Division of Recreation and Parks:  Interpretive exhibit development of environmental images for Washington Oaks State Gardens and Jonathan Dickinson State Park Visitors Center – development of advertising campaign with coordinated design, photographic art for State Park posters, brochures and guide book for Division of State Lands, Florida Forever calendar, eco-system poster series, Preservation 2000 – publications, exhibits and web site.

  • University of North Carolina:Coordination with The Appalachian Regional Commission and the University of North Carolina to support the establishment of the first environmental art center in the country. The Appalachian Environmental Art Center was based on Valentine’s exploration and photographic knowledge of the wilds of the Southeast.  The, “facilities, donated to the University of North Carolina, Highlands Biological Station include a dormitory, the Valentine House (now student resident home), and a scientific laboratory.”
  • Atlanta Memorial Arts Center / High Museum of Art in Atlanta – Joint Collaboration, Georgia: Exhibition – Guale: The Golden Coast of Georgia to preserve the coast of Georgia. At that time the first and largest environmental art, scientific and natural sound exhibition in the country.  The exhibit and book by the same name helped pioneer the establishment of Cumberland Island National Seashore Park and the preservation of many of Georgia’s coastal river systems, estuaries and barrier islands. This scientific based exhibit and book helped inspire the establishment of the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 for the entire continental U.S.